XQ Expert Series

The XQ Expert Series is a series of conversations with transformational leaders in education. Each module contains inspiring stories, examples, and lessons learned from across the country.

1. Teaching & Learning

Students learn best when teaching is personalized and encourages youth voice. Learn how to create an inclusive classroom culture.

3. School Mission & Culture

Mission and vision are essential to school redesign. Our experts discuss how to develop a strong mission to support your culture.

5. Equity in the 21st Century

Our experts discuss how to make equity central to all decision-making at the school and district level.

7. Technology & Learning for an Interconnected World

Technology can help personalize instruction and prepare students for the future of work.

2. Networks & Partnerships

Schools are not islands. Learn to collaborate effectively with organizations in your community to make schools stronger.

4. Student Agency & Engagement

Young people have a stake in their education and they are critical to school redesign.

6. Staffing for Student-Centered Learning

Decisions about recruitment, hiring, and training teachers are central to creating success.

8. Design-Driven School Budgeting

Budgets are a reflection of a school’s values. Make sure yours is mission-focused. 

XQ Super School Resources


The XQ Super School Project has complied a  a variety of valuable multi-media resources to help high schools through the daunting challenge of redesign. We also encourage your to visit their website to explore more about this exciting program.

The XQ Super School Project began in 2015 because they believed our nation’s young people could not wait any longer for our educational system to change. America’s public high school system was founded to ensure that all high school students have access to a free, high quality education that prepares them for college, career, and life. With that mission, XQ launched a competition inviting America to reimagine high school. People across the country self-assembled into teams and started a movement to transform high school education in their areas.

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