Putting Relationships at the Heart of Redesign

CSHSC’s goal is to assist schools struggling high schools in high-needs communities to reinvent themselves and become institutions that propel adolescents towards adult success in their communities.

CSHSC’s partners are co-developing a high school redesign process where relationships are at the heart of its design. High schools are supported by a network of similar high schools going through the same redesign challenges. Schools and partners are supported by proven technical assistance providers and capacity builders, and committed to use a common set of on-track school success metrics.

CHSCH’s Four Key Driver Mindshifts

How adults are organized in a school is a foundational driver of its outcomes. Click image to enlarge.  Learn more about Organizing Adults.

An essential redesign item is to consider how to keep students at the center of their educational experiences. Click on image to enlarge.  
Learn more about keeping Students at the Center.

Implementing evidence-based practices is a human endeavor and an ongoing process. Click on image to enlarge. Learn more about Teaching & Learning.

Design postsecondary pathways for all students that see high school as a beginning not an ending. Click on image to enlarge. 
Learn more about Postsecondary Pathways.

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