Resources for Teaching & Learning

  • The Science of Remote Learning This resource is written in plain language to be broadly applicable to professional educators and non-professionals: teams designing remote learning experiences, people supporting at-home learning including parents, and learners at any level (if they have the prior knowledge to comprehend the text.) Download the Report (PDF)
  • TNTP Learning Acceleration Guide-very detailed set of resources and tools to support an acceleration rather than remediation approach to filling in COVID-19 learning gaps. Download the Guide (PDF)
  • Exploring the Evidence on Virtual and Blended Learning  Prepared by the Research Alliance for New York City Schools, May 2020. These notes provide an evolving overview of research and practical guidance on strategies to implement remote teaching and learning, as well as strategies that combine virtual learning with in-class instruction. Download the PDF
  • Remote Learning: Rapid Evidence Assessment This rapid evidence assessment aimed to investigate methods that schools could use to support remote learning during school closures caused by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). The review sought to find the best evidence behind the wide array of approaches that schools might choose to use during the crisis.  Download the PDF

  • The “Big 7” – Evidence-based Strategies for Regulating Emotions In Uncertain Times a webinar with Dr. Marc Brackett, director at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, discussing how we can grow our emotion regulation skills, and apply them to a variety of situations at
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