Virtual Forum for Cross State High School
Redesign Schools: Seniors’ Postsecondary Pathways

Recorded Live, April 16, 2020
Everyone Graduates Center, Johns Hopkins University

Ensuring this year’s seniors stay on track and graduate high school with a postsecondary plan in place is the topic occupying many educator and families’ minds, across our network. We have also heard interest in establishing a means for us to collectively explore options by engaging in open and honest dialogues with members of the cross-state high school redesign school community. We look forward to the opportunity to learn from each other, to engage with you in dialogue, and to co-create possibilities.

Focused Discussion:
• How can we ensure this year’s seniors stay on-track and graduate?
• Exploring possible supports for seniors to have solid postsecondary experiences for Fall 2020.

Broader Discussion:
• If it would be of value, what topics would you want to explore as a cross-state group?
• In what form or venue and on what timeline would it be most helpful to explore those topics?

Resources from the Forum

Dr. Robert Balfanz highlights what school connectedness is and why its so important, especially for adolescents, when school becomes remote.

Download the Forum Live Chat

Read all the great ideas shared by the high school redesign community during the virtual forum

More information on Postsecondary Pathways

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Immediate Next Steps for Helping High School Seniors Transition to a 23-/4-Year College or Certification Program Five Actions for Districts and Schools

This resource from the National College Attainment Network is aimed at district and school leaders looking for the clearest, most concrete ways to keep students on a postsecondary pathway after they graduate high school. Click to Download (PDF)

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