The “C” of the New ABCs


Resources for engaging in meaningful activities with supportive adults and peers where all are seen, heard, and valued.



Deep Listening

This 8-minute video from Otto Scharmer, co-founder of MIT’s Sloan School of Management Presencing Institute describes four levels of listening and why listening is essential to connectedness.

The Power & Science of Social Connection

Emma Seppälä’s areas of expertise are health psychology, well-being, and resilience. She conducts research, writes and speaks about the science of happiness, social connection, and compassion.

Online Resources

Take the Surgeon General’s 5‑for‑5 Connection Challenge

Between December 4th–15th, 2023, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy is challenging YOU to take the “5-for-5 Connection Challenge” as a way to build and strengthen your own relationships and inspire others to incorporate connection in their daily lives!

A Call to Connection: Rediscovering the Transformative Power of Relationships 

A set of accessible and adaptable ideas on the “how”and “why” of human connection.

A podcast hosted by Robert Balfanz,
director of the Everyone Graduates Center.

Conversations with leaders in education from around the country on bold new ideas and research-based strategies for redesigning American education to more effectively engage all students and equip them for the challenges of today’s workplace and world.

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