Redesigning High Schools to Support
Their Communities in the 21st Century

The Cross State High School Redesign Collaborative (CSHSC) is a joint effort of seven participating states, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, and Ohio supported by the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), and Civic Enterprises.

The CSHSC’s goal is to use the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to enable struggling high schools in high-needs communities to reinvent themselves and become institutions that propel adolescents to adult success in their communities in the 21st century.

The participating states and partners are co-developing a seven stage high school redesign process with supportive tools and practices which goes from needs assessment and community input to evidence-based redesign, participating in a network of similar high schools going through redesign, being supported by proven technical assistance providers and capacity builders, and committing to use a common set of on-track school success metrics.

Getting Started

Evidence-Based Improvement Strategies

High School
Redesign Resources

Download a variety of high school redesign resources and find out how other states are redesigning schools to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Read more.


Since 2017, CSHSC conducts annual National Evidence-Based High School Redesign Forums to increase state-level understanding of evidence-based design and map out a plan or action for the collaborative’s efforts.

A number of multi-media resources are presented at the forums and are now available for download. Read More.

Click here for 2018 Convening resources and documents. 

Learn more about the CSHSC.

Learn more about the Cross State High School Collaborative and download resources, studies, presentations and other useful materials for this exciting initiative. Read more.

The U.S. Department of Education sponsored the National Survey on High School Strategies Designed to Help At-Risk Students Graduate and collected data in the 2014-2015 school year from a nationally representative sample of 2,142 public high schools.

The resulting data provided approximately 13 specific, evidence-based high school improvement strategies designed to improve the likelihood of high school graduation for at-risk students. Read More.

One of the CSHSC's goals is to provide a network to share resources and experiences with educators dedicated to improving the high school experience for all students.

Have a resource to share? Please share any useful resource, tool, website, etc. that you found helpful during your redesign.

Have a story to tell? Please share any experience, anecdote, cautionary tale you encountered during your redesign.

CSHSC Partner News:

New Mexico HS
to Receive
Federal Grant

Congratulations to our New Mexico CSHSC partner whose regional high school received a federal grant that will supply Rocinante High School with between $500,000 and $600,000 to develop and implement a redesigned curriculum over the next four years. Read more. . .

Members of the Rocinante High School redesign team have spent much of the last year developing a plan designed to improve outcomes for the school’s students. (Photo11: Mike Easterling/The Daily Times)