Ohio Redesign Materials


All the materials below were designed specifically for Ohio’s high school redesign projects.

Note: If you are downloading an Adobe PDF fillable form, save the document  to your device before entering data/information, to ensure changes are saved and accessible to and from your device.

Sir Ken Robinson Talks About Factory-Like Education

Reynoldsburg City Schools Academy Experience

Reynoldsburg City Schools Freshman Experience

Student Voices: The Future of School

Competency-Based Learning at Sanborn Regional HS

Partners Students And Entrepreneurs, Giving Tools To Run A Business

Student Voices/Student Vision

Where Can I Host a Conversation Cafe

Click here to watch more videos on Conversation Cafes


Graphics & Visuals

The World Cafe conversation cafe etiqueete posters that were displayed during the converning are available for free download. Click here for more information.


New 2020 Redesign Tools

June 10, 2020 Virtual Redesign Convening 

August 6, 2020 Virtual Redesign Convening

  • Using Evidence Based Strategies to Improve Student Outcomes:
    Learnings from Cross State High School Redesign Collaborative to Inform Remote Learning Plans Download the PDF

High School Redesign Workbook

Updated in 2019, click to download Ohio’s High School Redeisgn Workbook updated in 2019 to include elements of the Each Child, Our Future initiative.

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