New Mexico Redesign Materials


All the materials below have been designed sepcifically for New Mexico’s high school redesign projects.

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Redesign Tools

November, 2019 

Empathy Map Method & Map (PDF)



Innovative Approaches for High School Schedules (PDF)



Optimal Scheduling for Secondary Students (PDF)




Scheduling for Impact (PDF)




A Teacher’s Guide: Building A Restorative Classroom (PDF)



How Students Thrive: Positive Youth Development in Practice (PDF)




Integrating Social, Emotional and Academic Development: An Action Guide for School Leadership Teams (March, 2019) (PDF)




Organizing Adults, Teacher Teams, and Common Planning (PDF)


A Portfolio of Evidence-Based Social-Emotional Learning Curricula and Strategies (PDF)


Students at the Center Circles (PDF)


Building the Capacity of Individual Teacher and Their Schools


Rigorous Learning: Bridging Students from Out Classrooms to Successful Live


Comprehensive School Improvement: Jefferson County High School; Louisville, GA


Free to Fail or On-Track to College – Setting the Stage for Academic Challenge: Classroom Control and Student Support




Job Shadowing Sample: Kickapoo University

2016 Gallup Stuent Poll Results Snapshot

It Takes a Village Exercise – NEOMIA

It Takes a Village Exercise –  The Parent, Dylan

It Takes a Village Exercise –  The Parent, Paul


It Takes a Village Exercise –  The Teacher, Ms. Henly

It Takes a Village Exercise –  The Teacher, Ms. Paceley

It Takes a Village Exercise – The Villiage: Parents, Counselor, Principal

September, 2019

NM Redesign Workbook (2019) (PDF)

Student Profile Survey (Fillable PDF)

Student Profile Survey (MSWord)




    February 2020

    Work-Based Learning

    Rocinante High School staff presenting the work-based learning program at the 2020 Spring High School Redesign convening in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Work-Based Learning Program in the Farmington Municipal Schools in Farmington, New Mexico


    September, 2019

    Sir Ken Robinson Talks About Factory-Like Education


    Student Voices: The Future of School


    Competency-Based Learning at Sanborn Regional HS


    Partners Students And Entrepreneurs, Giving Tools To Run A Business


    Student Voices/Student Vision


    Where Can I Host a Conversation Cafe

    Click here to watch more videos on Conversation Cafes


    Articles & Misc.

     February, 2020

    Download RHS’s “Social Emotional Learning at Rocinaante HS”

    MSPowerPoint               Adobe PDF






    Rocinante High School’s learning documents for work-based learning program.

    September, 2019

    Design Thinking Bootleg from Institute of Design at Stanford (PDF)

    Global Best Practices 2nd Edition: Self-Assessment Tool for Secondary Learning (PDF)

    Next Step Planning Template (PDF)








    Graphics & Visuals

    The World Cafe conversation cafe etiqueete posters that were displayed during the converning are available for free download. Click here for more information.


    2020 High School Redesign Workbooks

    The CSHSC New Mexico High School Redesign Workbook has been updated for 2020 with new resources and five new covers featuring New Mexico student art. 

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